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Trust is Your Number 1 Brand

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Do you ever look around and wonder which of your professional associates you can implicitly trust? Take-in the good advice that Tara Lubin gives for success in servicing her residential real estate clients.

Say you are talking with two people with identical services and price offerings. One person comes across as boring and impersonal. The other is engaging, sincere, and brings market intelligence to the conversation. Which one would you rather do business with?

If you are working on increasing your value to others, build your personal brand first.

Take an honest look at how you are increasing your 'know, like, and trust' factors. This is foundational if you want to take your business to the next level.

If you are familiar with Tara Lubin with Jameson Sotheby International Realty, you have an immediate sense of her integrity, market smarts, and ability to get the job done (with real estate transactions, you simply have to expect some problem or other to arise).

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing this charismatic and highly reliable residential agent. Meet Tara in this Entrepreneur Spotlight:

Q. Why did you start your business?

A. I love people, houses / real estate, wise investments and relationships. I helped my parents find a home a while back and I realized that I am really gifted at just 'knowing' what someone wants and matching people with properties. I am also really skilled at improving a property and being able to visualize what is missing in a property to make it better and easier to live in, enjoy and ultimately sell.

Q. What do you offer?

A. I help people buy, sell and lease residential real estate.

Q. What advice would you give to new entrepreneurs / agents?

A. Go for it.. Figure out your life's mission and just do it. Set your sights on the horizon and just keep on moving towards your goals. Help others be the best they can be, and align yourself with other motivated people who genuinely want help others. If you can build a network around yourself, a team - you can work together help each other their goals you will make many fine friends and you'll likely also be successful and happy.

Tara, you are a gem! #keepgoing #youinspireme

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