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5 Steps to Refreshing Your Personal Brand

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Are your clients seeing your signature style?

If you are familiar with NextGroup, you know they are a vibrant, fresh, cutting-edge group of women, who advocate for other women in the workplace.

The NextGroup signature style is F.EA.R.L.E.S.S. (Female, Elite, Ambitious, Relentless, Lucrative, Entrepreneurs, Striving Successfully). You've gotta love this!!

I had the pleasure of photographing their expanding team in my studio, working to create a Brand ReFresh to convey the momentum taking place in their efforts as they successfully place women in jobs they love.

As a headshot photographer, every personal branding photoshoot I do for a client is a new start of sorts. With twenty years of experience in the international corporate brand arena, my aim is to think about the person or group as a whole, consider the existing characteristics, color palette, and graphics, and bring out their message and natural magnetism through photography (trust me, everyone has some!).

Whether you carry an off-handed elegance, exceptional intelligence, or girl-next-door vibe, something amazing happens when you show the world what you are truly made of. When you capture your personal brand accurately, you eliminate the competition entirely because there is no one out there quite like you.

Here are 5 steps to Refreshing Your Personal Brand:

1. Conversation - Let’s start with a conversation so that I can hear about where you are, and where you want to go.

2. Look Book - This is a tool that I design and layout just for you. The three pages convey a tailored concept of the settings, wardrobe, and emotions that we will strive to create in your photo session.

3. Your Photography Session - I take the stress out of having photos taken. This is a time in my studio or on location that is created for you, plenty of time to relax, unwind, try various wardrobe looks and styles so that we create images that will lead themselves to bringing out the best in you.

4. Image Library - Following your photo session, I edit through your photographs and curate a gallery where you will find plenty of images for your Linkedin profile, website, social media, pages, etc. This download gallery is also easily shared with your web designer, marketing associates, or other professionals you are working with.

5. Success! - Now you have the current images that will set you apart from any other, and your digital presence (as well as print materials, magazine features, etc.) will stand out. Enjoy the confidence that comes with a strong digital presence, and the ensuing sales and career advances that accompany a bold new you.

In today’s digitally driven climate, building your business and personal brand online is more important than ever. When so many first impressions are made on your Linkedin profile or social media page, your website is where you start to build the credibility of your company. It’s time to rely less on stock images and standard business attire, and shift to tailored photographs that reflect a more personalized, honest and dynamic you!

As a headshot and personal brand photographer, I create and deliver distinctive and creative corporate photography to reflect the personality of your business and help your audiences and clients to identify and connect with your corporate values.

Along with a unique and creative approach to Headshots on site or on location, we offer a range of corporate services, including photography of teams, products, office interiors, branding and corporate events. All with the aim of showing the people, passion and personality at the heart of your business.

Whether you are a consultant, small business owner, or part of a larger firm I am happy to serve your needs with headshot photography in Evanston, Chicago, and beyond.

If you are considering using your new Personal Brand photographs to get yourself to the next career position, keep in mind that Kimberly Glover has recently joined NextGroup as a Search Associate. Are you ready to explore another industry or know of seasoned professionals or new grads who are unsure about their career path? Contact Kim via

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