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What to Wear for Your Headshots

By Clara Schuman 

When deciding what to wear to a corporate headshot you should ask three questions about each piece of clothing or accessory:

  1. Does it draw attention to my face?

  2. Is it flattering to my body shape and skin tone?

  3. Is it well suited for a business environment/could I wear this to work?

If you answer yes to all three that’s awesome! These three things are what will be most important when your headshot is presented to both clients and future employers alike.

Did you say no to all three? Awesome! You’re all set! 

But let me dive into the details a bit so you can feel completely confident in your choice.

Colors rather than patterns

Don’t get me wrong, I'm actually a huge fan of patterns. It's just that designs can draw attention away from your face. Very small and simple patterns can be fine, like thin vertical stripes for example.

Where colors are concerned, we advise that you lean toward neutral or jewel tones like blue, green, wine, and purple, which look great on just about anyone. Though your first instinct might be to go with black and white, don’t trust it! Black and white are fine in small amounts but can mess with camera exposure as well as your background.

Think about substituting black with chocolate, navy, forest green, or maroon. Please avoid flesh colors like tan, cream, peach, yellow, and beige altogether as they tend to blend in with your face. On the opposite end, blinding colors like bright red and orange should be steered clear of unless you're sure you can pull them off. If you are still unsure what color to wear stick with the steadfast rule and match your eyes.

Styles, shirts, and sleeves

One way you couldn’t go wrong is by wearing a shirt with a v-neckline. V-necks are universally flattering, as they not only elongate your neck but frame your collarbone rather nicely. It's kind of an unspoken rule of corporate headshots to not wear a sleeveless blouse or dress unless you are wearing a jacket or sweater over it, and even short sleeves should be avoided.

If you think your ensemble is a tad bland try a fine to medium-gauge knit sweater for some added texture. A crisply ironed shirt also does a good job framing your face if you were looking for something simple but elegant. Just remember that if you do decide to wear a jacket or cardigan, do not wear a collared shirt underneath. You may want to bring a jacket even if you weren't planning to just ask us what we think, and if you’re already bringing one, think about taking two!

Accessories, accessories

Basically, there are only two different types of accessories you can wear to a business headshot: A) glasses, and B) jewelry. Now glasses-wise, if they're part of your everyday look go for it! But if you normally use contacts, or have A+ vision In the first place and don’t need anything, don’t wear a pair. Now it's time for jewelry! Yay! Now there is one basic rule when picking out jewelry: less is more.

I know, I know, but it's true! If your accessories can at times draw too much away Your necklace to colorful or chunky and it (like so many other things) draws attention toward itself rather than your face. In general, if you’re going to wear a necklace bring some options so the photographer can help you out. Just know that even though you might be sure about your choices unforeseen obstacles often appear and the photographer may ask you to remove a piece of jewelry.

Feel free to reach out anytime or 847-910-2722

We look forward to seeing you soon in our Evanston studio.

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