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3 Maternity Style Tips To Maximize Your Wardrobe

Updated: Jun 21

Are you seeing the bright fall leaves emerging around you as I am here in the Chicago area? The cool autumn days are bringing out some stunning maternity styles, options that will help you to create your personal and unique style as you await baby’s arrival.

When it comes to feeling stylish and comfortable during pregnancy, finding the right wardrobe is so important. As a mother of two, I know that the clothing that feels right in the first term, might not fit so good a few weeks later. So, I am going to highlight a few dresses that are available to you now, items that will last for months and seasons to come.

The fact of the matter is, maternity dresses used to resemble cafe awnings more than they did a woman’s stylish wardrobe. Draping cottons and big bows are finally out, and form-fitting fabrics are in. I am happy to say we have finally come to a time when your options are far more flattering. So, let’s see how we can maximize your wardrobe, and gather a few finds that can last through your entire pregnancy.

Maternity dresses come in flattering cuts that will make Momma and your baby bump ‘CoverGirl’ ready. Made of stretchy, comfortable, and oh-so-soft fabrics, these maternity ideas cover all of your priorities as a new mom, from staying comfortable to looking fashionable!

Each of the dresses I have listed are made of stretchy, comfortable fabrics.

A worthy pregnancy frock will flatter your changing body shape, and, depending on its design, can be ideal for nursing when the baby arrives. Let’s find a few super functional pieces you can move around freely in, and plan to keep them in your closet post-pregnancy.

1. Choose Comfort First

Is there such a thing as an elegant maternity dress? While I was carrying our daughter, Clara, the only dresses that 2004 had to offer felt like substitutions for cafe awnings...

Fortunately for you, times have changed.

Maternity fashion 2022 is introducing a line of clothing that satisfies all the needs of the expectant mother for feeling like a lovely momma-to-be, while staying on-trend. The clean lines and natural colors that retailers are providing will allow you to select your wardrobe wisely. I suggest purchasing a few maternity dresses that will be useful as first, second, and third trimester elements, as well as fit nicely into your postpartum wardrobe.

I invite you to look through the lovely dresses that Banana Republic has to offer, including the Coletta Off-shoulder Dress, Serenade shirtdress, and Dolce Midi Dress, three looks that will cling to your baby bump as well as fit your figure long after the arrival of your sweet babe.

Chicago Maternity Photography

This Briar dress by Hatch is perfect for both warm climates and crisp autumn days. As a pretty yet practical midi dress, this design also features a nursing-friendly placket, under-the-bust smocking, and an empire waist. The result is a piece that will grow along with you all nine months, and still flatter and fit your mom bod postpartum.

And if you are looking for a runway look without the couture pricetag, I have a few ideas for you! Boo Hoo Maternity has a number of comfy & cool separates available, including this Maternity Strappy Cowl Neck Dress & Duster Coat set. In addition, check out Pink Blush for some fall classics, including lovely choices for baby shower dresses. Add some pretty maternity flair with midi and maxi dresses, as well as tops and maternity jeans for a more casual eceryday look.

2. Stay Stylish (Without going overboard)

Go easy on yourself, girl. This is a season of life that demands self care, good health, and momma-comes-first well-being. I completely understand that there are days when it’s simply difficult to get out of bed (always keep dried fruit and Saltines on your night stand), and of course it can be a battle to fight your fatigue and simply get out the door. So when you find you have the energy, have something fabulous on hand to wear.

If you don’t want to abandon style, but wish to avoid purchasing an entire new wardrobe, one idea is to sign up with Stitchfix, where your virtual designer will customize a maternity look just for you. You can tell them your price range, style, and size. You will pay just a $20 styling fee when your stylist begins, which will be credited toward any pieces you keep, which is so fun! Maternity clothing, customized fit your unique style and price range through every stage of pregnancy.

(image by Tiffany Farley, The Bagdley Miscka Screen Siren Gown by Rent the Runway)

If you are wanting to boast your bump for a special occasion, look at what Rent the Runway has to offer. In the case you are ready to supplement your wardrobe with a few fabulous pieces, this is your chance to strut your momma strength! They offer maternity style at every stage, allowing you to love your outfit throughout each trimester (and beyond) with one of their flexible memberships.

In all honesty, I definitely kept wearing my prego-momma valor shirts, jeans, blouses, and dresses for years following the brith of my kids, just because they were are well designed and comfy.

3. Accessorize!

Pregnant women can afford a wide variety of accessories to highlight their style and trendy maternity clothes. For any season, these are all kinds of chains, bracelets, light shawls, hats, clutches, original handbags, etc., for winter, warm scarves, beautiful bags, original knitted hats, etc. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

If you’re like most mommas, you want to look your best during over there nine months (or more!). While maternity clothes are definitely comfortable, sometimes they can be a little too bland. That’s where accessories come in! Earrings and necklaces are a great way to add some style to your maternity wear and there are beautiful collections available in your neighborhood stores and on-line.

How about a statement jewelry piece such as this unique vine necklace found here on Etsy. If you already love jewelry, then you already know and love this layered necklace trend. It’s all about layering, having fun, wearing stars, moon, stones and charms that remind you of your spouse, growing baby, or simply Dolce&Gabbana fever.

Motherhood is a challenging and wonderfully fulfilling experience that I believe deserves to be celebrated with fashionable choices, celebrated in photographs. Which is why I offer Maternity Portraits that aim to capture the glamorous journey of your pregnancy. A maternity photoshoot brings out the best in your during this elated season, and gives you memories to treasure forever, making it the perfect present for yourself, or any special momma in your life.

If you are looking for hte perfect baby shower gift, a Maternity Photo session is priceless. Purchase the session, as well as prints and albums.

If you have a maternity session booked in with me and don’t know where to begin with your wardrobe, don’t stress! I have a large client closet full of beautiful dresses, robes, and accessories for you to use during your Maternity Photography session. Remember, your body is incredible and you deserve to flaunt the beauty you are radiating.

Reach out to me, I’m here with encouragement and insights for you.

Are you ready to look glamorous and feel FABULOUS? Book your session with me before baby arrives!

I can't wait to bring your baby bump into the spotlight, Jennifer

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